Meet Our Amazing Residents

Diverse, connected, passionate, brilliant, and resilient, these are the members of our resident family.

We are extremely excited and proud to welcome the incoming class of 2026!!

  • Matthew Allen
    California University of Science and Medicine

  • Kaitlyn Fung
    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  • Tania Ghazarian
    Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Kristen Kim
    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  • Yifan Lii
    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  • Catherine Liu
    Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Isaac Mitchell
    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  • Ariel Odlum
    California University of Science and Medicine

  • Akash Patel
    Loma Linda University School of Medicine

  • Maria Shibatsuji
    Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

PGY-1: Class of 2025

Adriana Alvarez, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Adriana Alvarez grew up in Southern California and later moved to Texas where she received a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Southwestern Adventist University. She then returned to the her home state of California, receiving her M.D from Loma Linda University School of Medicine. She is overjoyed that she is able to pursue her passion of working with children and adolescents within the field of Psychiatry, taking part in the CAP track at LLU Heath Education Consortium Psychiatry Residency. On her days off, she enjoys soaking in the Southern California sun by playing Spikeball with her co-residents, skateboarding, going to the beach, and exploring the restaurants and nature the area has to offer.

Christopher Garabet, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Christopher Garabet grew up in in Southern California, where he has stayed virtually all his life. He earned a B.S. in Biochemistry at University of Southern California (USC), and attended medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Dr. Garabet is currently pursing the Combined Child/Adolescent track, where he will specialize in Child/Adolescent psychiatry. His passion for working with children stems initially from volunteering at USC with the organization Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem provides a summer camp for children who have been affected by a parent’s cancer. There, he learned that a loving community is the cornerstone of a child’s mental health. Outside of psychiatry, he enjoys just about any activity that brings people together, such as sports, food, movies, board games, and spontaneous outings.

Matthew Hagele, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Matthew Hagele grew up in in northern California near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He earned a B.S. in Bioengineering at Walla Walla University before attending Loma Linda University School of Medicine where he completed his M.D. as well as an M.A. in Bioethics. His interests in psychiatry and ethics have led to scholarly work on psilocybin assisted therapy as well as the implications of a belief in free will. He hopes to call California home for many years to come and feels blessed to work with talented colleagues and the people of San Bernardino County. Outside of psychiatry, he enjoys exploring nearby mountains, new coffee shops, and experiencing life with his wife.

Austin Huh, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Austin Huh was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. He went to college at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan where during his sophomore year he spent a year abroad studying Spanish in Argentina, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Studies. He then graduated from Loma Linda Medical School and is currently enjoying being part of the LLU psychiatry family. He is undecided on what field of psychiatry he wants to pursue in the future because he's currently interested in everything! Nevertheless, he loves his free time and enjoys playing League of Legends, board games, ultimate frisbee, camping, hiking, snowboarding, and cooking.

Ben Robinson, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Benjamin Robinson grew up in northern Oregon as a Boy Scout, camping every other weekend and learning to ride horses and motorcycles. He relocated to Seattle Pacific where he received a BS in human physiology with a minor in theology as well as chemistry. Traveling south, he attended Loma Linda for medical school where he also graduated with a Masters in Bioethics. While he has yet to set his specific path for psychiatry subspecialty, he is particularly interested in working with incarcerated populations. In his spare time, he continues to enjoy camping, running, and riding, all while exploring the diversity California has to offer.

Patricia Shi, MD
Wayne State University School of Medicine

Dr. Patricia Shi was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where she spent lots of time camping, eating at numerous sushi restaurants, and biking the sea wall. She travelled across the continent to attend college in North Carolina, then later moved to Detroit, Michigan to complete her medical degree at Wayne State University SOM. She developed a deep passion for working with underserved communities both locally and globally, and she became involved with Street Medicine Detroit and other global healthcare initiatives.  Her interests within Psychiatry include cultural psychiatry and promoting mental health education and prevention in school-aged children, and she’s so grateful to be able to pursue these interests here at Loma Linda for Residency! Outside of medicine, she is a huge movie nerd who loves traveling, spontaneous adventures, playing board games, jamming to music, and of course, spending quality time with friends and family over shared meals.

My Phuong Tong, MD
Michigan State University School of Medicine

Dr. My Phuong Tong is from rainy and lush Seattle, WA. Her interest in psychiatry started when she studied perceptions of mental health in Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa as part of her study abroad experience in college. After college she served as an AmeriCorps member at a large federally qualified health care system helping to expand access to healthcare for the underserved. She then worked as a program manager and led the implementation of complex care management using a $1.2 million HRSA grant. She completed medical school at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and earned a certificate in Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved through her work in Flint, MI. Her goal in psychiatry is to expand access to mental health through education and collaboration between academia and the community. When she is not working, she enjoys going on hikes, swimming at the beach, and exploring local neighborhoods with her fiancé.

Joseph Wong, MD
UC Riverside University School of Medicine

Dr. Joseph Wong was born and raised in Southern California and grew up in LA and Riverside County. He earned his B.S. in Human Biology and B.A. in Human Development at the University of California, San Diego and attended medical school at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine. His interests in psychiatry include mentoring medical students and learning how to incorporate a patient's social, cultural and spiritual background into their care. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring new places to eat, playing computer/board games, and working out.

PGY-2: Class of 2024

Victoria Agee, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Victoria Agee moved to Loma Linda for medical school after completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Music at The College of Idaho, with minors in Anthropology and Pre-Medical Science. While there, she received a full-ride scholarship for harp and piano performance, participating in solo, ensemble, and orchestral concerts. After deciding to take a year off before medical school, she discovered her passion for mentoring adolescents while teaching at a local middle school for AVID, a non-profit organization that provides profession learning to aid in improving college readiness for students. She has released several podcasts in collaboration with Dr. David Puder on the topic of marijuana in relation to various mental health diagnoses. Dr. Agee anticipates specializing in Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. She has a particular interest in the treatment of childhood trauma. In her free time, she enjoys taking her bunnies, Cookie and Mochi, for walks, going on adventures with friends, or staying home with a good TV show and plenty of munchies.

Victoria Burghart, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Victoria “Tori” Burghart is a transplant from the Pacific Northwest, born and raised near Seattle, WA. After completing a B.S. in Biology at Walla Walla University, she moved to California to attend medical school and was thrilled to stay on as a resident. During medical school she discovered a love for creating digital art and finding ways to use art for education. She illustrated a portion of the new neurology curriculum for Loma Linda’s 1st and 2nd year neuroscience courses and was awarded the 2020 American Academy of Neurology’s Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology. Much of her art can be found on Instagram @minipsychMD or on the website she created for residency interviews – Her clinical interests include social media’s impact on mental health, psychotherapy, and the mind-body connection. Outside of work she enjoys hosting board game nights, puzzles, video games, knitting, and finding new hobbies.

Mikyla Cho, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Mikyla Cho was born and raised in Oregon. She split her time between Lincoln City, where her parents lived and Portland, where her grandparents and other relatives resided. After attending Pacific Union College near Napa Valley and graduating with a B.A. in English, she attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine. As a medical student, Dr. Cho was the class co-representative of the Psychiatry Student Interest Group and was later its president. As the president, she led meetings and oversaw various projects and workshops that helped facilitate a love and appreciation for psychiatry. Although she is open to various paths after residency, she is particularly interested in working with the geriatric population as she believes this is a unique population that is greatly underserved. In her spare time, Dr. Cho likes to relax with a good book and eat a tasty meal with friends and family.

Michelle Garber-Talamo, DO
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Garber-Talamo studied literature in graduate school before deciding to go into medicine. She had the unique experience of earning a Master of the Arts in Italian literature and of working as a foreign language teaching assistant at the University of Virginia. During her premedical post-baccalaureate she continued to be engaged in teaching as a biology tutor and MCAT instructor at the University of Pittsburgh. She was happy return home to northern California for medical school. During medical school she actively promoted mental health awareness and psychiatry, became involved in medical education, and earned an MPH. As a resident, she is looking forward to working with medical students and immersing herself in the study and art of psychiatry. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her son and husband, and exploring the beaches and mountains of Southern California.

Nelson Horsley, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Nelson Horsley was born in Massachusetts and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire with roots in Canada and the Midwest. He attended college at Burman University where he studied biology and psychology before attending Loma Linda University. At Loma Linda, he got involved with numerous projects including designing learning guides, mentoring youth, and community service projects. Recently, he helped found LLU AID, a student-led effort to provide assistance to healthcare workers during the covid pandemic. He has a wide range of interests inside and outside psychiatry including social determinants of mental health, public policy, education, the drug discovery process, and psychometric testing. He enjoys hiking, reading, playing an assortment of musical instruments, and every kind of game.

Dawn Hur, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Having moved frequently throughout her life, Dr. Hur has come to appreciate how multi-faceted the world is and how individuals respond. After spending childhood years in Korea, she attended high school in Southern California and college in Queens, New York. She now calls Loma Linda her home. She is passionate about medical education and community service, and took active roles in a tutoring program and Street Medicine while attending LLU School of Medicine. Dr. Hur became interested in psychiatry during her rotation at the adolescent partial hospitalization program, where patients spend their daytime in a highly structured environment with psychiatrists and therapists while returning to their homes in the evening. She is interested in improving the mental health care system to increase compliance and lower relapse rates. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and traveling using reward programs.

Teresa Shu, MD
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

Dr. Teresa Shu grew up in Southern California and attended Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, Illinois. Teresa has an interest in forensic psychiatry and working with the veteran community. Some of her favorite hobbies include snowboarding, gaming, and hanging out with her two dogs (one pitbull mix and one pitski). She happens to be platinum-rated in League of Legends.

Sunpreet Singh, DO
Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine

My name is Sunpreet Singh, but everyone calls me Sunny, partly because it is easier to pronounce and partly because it sums up my disposition. I grew up on the East coast and attended Rutgers University for my undergraduate and graduate education. I moved to sunny California in order to attend medical school at Western University of Health Sciences. I went into medical school with an open mind about which specialty to choose, trying my best to understand the culture of each specialty. When I had my third-year clerkship in psychiatry, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. My ability to connect with patients and create a positive change in their mental health, were the driving forces behind my desire to be a psychiatrist. As a medical student I continued with research, linking the fields of psychiatry and oncology in order to bolster my interest in the field. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity as a fourth-year medical student to rotate at Loma Linda, which created the foundation for my desire to be a part of this team. Even as a medical student, I felt as if I was part of the Loma Linda family. The combination of having a strong academic base, with a multidisciplinary approach to care and a loving work environment made Loma Linda a clear choice in a program that I would like to match into. Having had a background in Anthropology, I have always been keenly interested in understanding the relationship between mental health and culture. This perspective is further bolstered at our program, where we strive to understand and incorporate the cultural and spiritual background of our patients into our care. Aside from being passionate about psychiatry, I have a passion for the fine arts. Whenever I visit a new city, going to the local art museum is like a pilgrimage for me. Likewise, I dabble in painting and was part of an Artist Collective during college. I also have a fondness for Indian cinema, from classics to modern works.

Raveena Toor, DO
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Toor is from Northern California. Her interest in psychiatry began in college during Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative health clinics, where conversations about hypertension and diabetes tended to meld with belongingness in a family or the country. During medical school, she cultivated her interest in psychiatry by becoming an avid member and contributor of Solano County NAMI, an organization that aids families with mental illness. To explore the intersection of mental health and barriers to healthcare, she helped lead the Structural Competency curriculum in her medical school, which teaches students how invisible political, economical structures in our society affect patient presentation, and treatment. Dr. Toor is interested in community psychiatry, community mental health education, and policy to increase access to mental health. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, and long walks at sunset.

Kendall Wong, MD
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Dr. Wong joins us from Arcadia, California. After graduating as valedictorian of the Cell & Developmental Biology emphasis at UC Berkeley, Dr. Wong was recruited to the UC San Diego School of Medicine on a merit scholarship, where he developed an interest in psychiatry while leading a mental health free clinic in downtown San Diego. He has conducted research in numerous areas including the chemical synthesis of small-molecule calcium sensors to detect neuronal activity, the startle response in early psychosis, and the effects of obstructive sleep apnea on decision-making. Dr. Wong is also an award-winning educator, formerly working as an organic chemistry lecturer at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center and currently for The Princeton Review since starting medical school. In this latter role, he serves as an MCAT lecturer, textbook writer/editor, and consultant for the development of ACT, SAT, and AP exam curricula in the sciences. During his free time, he enjoys video games, watching anime, and trying new food places with friends.

Neveen Youssef, MD
University of Alabama School of Medicine

After finishing her bachelor’s in psychobiology at UCLA, Dr. Neveen Youssef, a Southern California native, moved to the Deep South where she completed her medical training at UAB. She is thrilled to be back home where she has found a family among colleagues at LLU. As an undergraduate, she had a strong interest in psychology research, using animal models to assess the effects of diet on cognition, as well as the effects of stress on attention in individuals with Schizophrenia. After learning about the inextricable epigenetic relationship between nature and nurture, she changed paths from clinical psychology to psychiatry, and decided to pursue medicine to most effectively and holistically advocate for vulnerable populations. Her interest in psychiatry was further solidified through her experiences caring for at-risk and homeless populations with the Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA and Equal Access Birmingham Student-Run Clinic. In medical school she also led the Psychiatry Student Interest Group and developed a fully immersive course for students who wish to learn more about psychiatry and providing mental health care. Her clinical interests include psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, and interventional psychiatry. Outside of residency, her favorite pastimes include traveling, craftsmanship, and spending quality time with loved ones. She is also very interested in participating and experiencing culturally rich activities.

PGY-3: Class of 2023

Grechen Ascher, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Ascher realized her passion for psychiatry while attending medical school at Loma Linda University. During her training, she actively participated in research in the fields of Preventive Medicine and Psychiatry. Her areas of study within these fields focused on psychometrics of adverse childhood events, the study of micro-expressions, and the study of empathy and connection. Dr. Ascher is also passionate about community outreach, working with programs such as Project Hope which strives to mentor and provide resources to expectant teenage mothers. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, interior decorating, and spending time with her husband and their two dogs.

Chetan Bhat, MD
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Dr. Bhat is a Loma Linda native returning after completing medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. During his time there, he was actively involved with medical school curriculum, mentoring and teaching inner city high school students, and research projects on gambling addiction and mental health care delivery. His interests in psychiatry include medical education, forensics, and the effects of childhood trauma. Outside of work, he enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu, stand up comedy, and watching his fantasy sports teams dominate.

Adam Borecky, MD
Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Borecky was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA and in the department we suspect his easy-going extroversion is attributable to that. He is happiest when sharing a good meal with a group of close friends. Dr Borecky a big fan of exploring ideas and asking “what if?” questions about everything. He authored an article that was published about involuntary commitment among the psychiatric population in California. He feels his biggest weakness is keeping track of details. Dr Borecky chose to go into psychiatry because he loves trying to understand what drives people and what makes their lives meaningful.

Sharon Chen, DO
Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Chen is a Southern California native who is excited to continue her medical career at Loma Linda University. Prior to residency, she was active in community outreach through teaching at local elementary schools, participating in National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) events, and serving as an ambassador for her medical school. She was also involved in teaching first and second-year medical students during their clinical skills course. Outside of medicine, she finds joy in discovering new places to eat, baking desserts and helping rescue dogs find forever homes.

Mohammad El-Menshawi, MD
Florida International University College of Medicine
Chief Resident of Wellness

Dr. El-Menshawi joins us from Orlando, FL where, during his medical school years at FI HCOM, he was a strong advocate for student and physician wellness. He volunteered as both a mentor and a student ambassador for medical students. He was the driving force behind several wellness initiatives including the FIU Master Chef Cook-Off in which he was a finalist. He also founded a Mediterranean cuisine health food brand. His areas of research have included analysis of Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey data which examined associations between cannabis use patterns and age of sexual debut. He has an interest in child and adolescent psychiatry. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, soccer, and spending time with his dogs, Marley and Hughie.

Alyssa Estrada, MD
UC San Francisco School of Medicine

Dr. Alyssa Estrada (nee Tao) graduated from University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she actively explored a variety of clinical experiences, from FQHCs to a year-long Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship at Kaiser Oakland. She is interested in improving systems of care, helping patients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, increasing access to psychiatric care in the primary care setting. She also has great interest in medical education and was a part of the Pathways in Health Education at UCSF, where she completed a project researching outcomes in longitudinal clerkship graduates and led medical student didactic small groups. In addition, she has been a college and youth mentor since college, and she continues to do so in residency at Loma Linda University. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the beautiful outdoors, cooking, and playing sports recreationally with family and friends.

Lisa Fayard, MD
Universidad Adventista del Plata, Argentina
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Fayard, a Loma Linda local, brings cultural diversity to our program after living in Argentina for 7 years and studying medicine there. She found a passion for serving the under-served and marginalized communities, dedicating time weekly to programs serving special needs children in the community during both undergrad and medical school. Upon returning to California, Dr. Fayard pioneered a volunteer program for special needs children in San Bernardino through the Campus Hill Church, integrating both faith-based communities and health care professionals in teaching preventative medicine and providing social support. Dr. Fayard’s hobbies include spending time with friends and family, singing, and playing fetch with the family dog.

Nathan Hoyt, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Hoyt is passionate about medical education and psychiatric genetics. While in medical school at Loma Linda University, he participated in research through the American College of Medical Genetics and presented a poster about a novel duplication affecting a gene associated with autism. He also contributed to his medical school genetics curriculum by authoring seven faculty-edited lecture handouts. To further psychiatric community awareness, he taught local high school students through the Adolescent Depression Awareness Program (ADAP) in partnership with Johns Hopkins Psychiatry. He was a student editor of the 2018 Ninja’s Guide to PRITE question book and a contributor to the genetics portion of the accompanying study guide. Our website is resident-created, and he handles the code (for a special behind-the-scenes glimpse at the website creation process, click here). In addition to psychiatric genetics, he is also interested in forensic psychiatry and interventional psychiatry. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, goldfish, painting, home improvement projects, comic books, and spending time with his wife and four dogs.

Elizabeth Ma, MD, PhD
University of Alabama School of Medicine

Originally from NorCal, Dr. Ma completed her MD/PhD at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a PhD in Nutrition Sciences. During her time there, she served in multiple leadership positions, including the OSR, the LCME accreditation board, Learning Communities Executive Board, founding the Integrative and Alternative Medicine Interest group, and leading multiple acts and projects for the Best Medicine Show. She is excited to return to CA for her residency here at Loma Linda, and is planning to specialize in Child Adolescent Psychiatry. Her particular interests are in depression/suicidality, as well as trauma and trauma-related sequelae, including eating disorders, conversion disorder, and substance use disorders. She is also interested in herbal medicine and global health, and has recently been selected as one of the APA SAMHSA funded Minority Fellowship Program recipients, aiming to increase mental health awareness for Chinese/Taiwanese American communities. She also enjoys playing the violin and piano, watching anime/reading manga/webtoons, and other forms of creative expression.

Sith Riantawan, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Dr. Riantawan is a Southern California native. He attended Biola University for his undergraduate studies and received his medical degree from Loma Linda University. He has a particular passion for the child and adolescent population and school based mental health programs. This focus has led him to start the first California chapter of the Adolescent Depression Awareness Program designed by Johns Hopkins Psychiatry to increase mental health awareness and lower stigma in local high schools in San Bernadino county. He is also interested in the integration of religion and psychiatry, religious coping, and has given talks to various religious communities about mental health. In his free time, he enjoys working on creative video projects, learning how to invest without losing all his money, and being active in beautiful SoCal!

Maxwell Schauermann, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

A Southern California native, Dr. Schauermann was thrilled to continue his education at Loma Linda University after graduating from LLU School of Medicine. During medical school, Dr. Schauermann was the director of Street Medicine, a student-led volunteer program that serves the homeless and survivors of domestic violence by providing free healthcare services and referrals to LLU’s Federally Qualified Health Care SACHS clinic. He was also actively involved in the Psychiatry Student Interest Group and helped to initiate a campus wide Mental Health Awareness Week to promote wellness and access to local resources. His clinical interests include lifestyle medicine, interventional psychiatry, and treating addictions in adolescents. Dr. Schauermann was an instrumental part in developing educational curricula for residents and CAP fellows regarding medication-assisted treatments for adolescents abusing various substances. In his spare time, he enjoys making the most of Southern California by surfing, rock climbing, and skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Elizabeth Strada, MD
Creighton University School of Medicine
Combined CAP Track

Dr. Strada is returning to Southern California after completing her undergraduate degree in biology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and her medical training at Creighton University in both Omaha, NE and Phoenix, AZ. She pursued her passion in serving the community throughout her educational career by singing for underserved populations in a community service acapella group during her college years. She continued her service throughout medical school by setting up an outpatient surgical center in Mexico and working with an Alzheimer’s facility in Phoenix. In her free time she enjoys shopping, singing and spending time with her husband and sheepadoodle, Mookie.

PGY-4: Class of 2022

Christian Bernardo, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
Chief Resident, BMC

Dr. Bernardo has been a leader in bridging the gap between medical providers and community members through his many outreach initiatives. Several of the most notable of these initiatives include volunteering to provide disease prevention counseling for refugee populations, development of bilingual substance abuse education for underserved communities in Houston, and coordinating student-run community events to raise mental health awareness. His favorite pastimes include going to movies, playing the piano, and brunching.

Meljorie-Elenore ("Joy") Launio, MD
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Chief Resident, BHI

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Launio studied at Alberta College of Art and Design and worked for Cirque du Soleil in her hometown of Calgary Canada. She brings a rich experience of overseas service to our program, ranging from distributing hygiene products to HIV/HIDS camps in the Bahamas to providing ambulatory care to patients in Honduras as a student physician. This passion for service extended to her medical school years during which she was a mentor for teen mothers in afterschool programs and raised awareness about stroke symptoms at presentations at local community centers. In her free time, she channels inspirations from her travels into art and photography projects.

Wendy Liu, MD
Tulane University School of Medicine
Chief Resident of Wellness

Dr. Liu comes to us from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She kept her love of art and music alive throughout medical school as a key member of Students Against Right Brain Atrophy, a medical student group dedicated to raising awareness of the role of art in medicine. She played vital role in the publication of the group’s annual magazine spotlighting student artwork. She was also president of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association in New Orleans and organized many events focused on preventative health measures in the local Asian population. She enjoys acrylic painting and playing the piano both of which have won her awards.

John Mauch, DO
Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Mauch is a Northern California native with wide-ranging experiences in academia having graduated from Biola University with a Master’s degree in Theology prior to entering medical school. He distinguishes himself with his commitment to education and teaching as demonstrated by the five years he spent teaching General Biology, Physiology, and Botany at Biola University. He later worked as a teaching assistant in Manipulative Medicine during medical school. In his spare time, he hikes and stays active with his wife.

Vivian Nguyen, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Chief Resident, VA

A life long Southern California native, Dr. Nguyen has demonstrated an aptitude for advocacy through her work with the UCI Medical Center Ethics Committee, the Medical Initiative Against Homelessness, and the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. She was the co-founder of the UCI chapter of the AMA Medical Student Section and served as a liaison for the school of medicine to the Orange County Medical Association. She uses various forms of yoga and swing dancing with her husband to keep herself balanced outside of medicine.