Salary & Benefits

Flexible vacations, oustanding medical/liability coverage, and salary padded by room for moonlighting . . .

Salary by Year

PGY-1: $64,002
PGY-2: $65,998
PGY-3: $67,995
PGY-4: $69,992

  • Updated amounts above begin on July 1, 2022.
  • $1000 reimbursement each academic year for academic expenses including Medical License, USMLE Step 3, DEA certificate, etc
  • Internal moonlighting opportunities typically available by PGY-2 pending director approval

Days Off

Residents have four 24-hour periods (1 day in 7) free of patient care responsibilities each month, averaged over four weeks. During the months with university holidays (January, February, May, July, September, and December), residents will have one additional day off for a total of 5 days off duty. During the month of November, there are two university holidays – a total of 6 days off in November. In addition to this, vacation and sick day allowances are as follows:

Vacation Sick
PGY-1 15 days/year 10 days/year
PGY-2 20 days/year 10 days/year
PGY-3 20 days/year 10 days/year
PGY-4 20 days/year 10 days/year
  • Unused vacation days expire at the end of each year
  • Unused sick days do NOT expire, and roll over to the next year


Two $6.00 meal tickets are issued for each scheduled 24-hour in-house on-call period. In addition, residents receive a 20% discount on food purchased at the LLUMC, Children’s Hospital, Faculty Dinning Room, FMO, the Campus Cafeterias, and the Patio Pantry. Vending machines are also available. The VA provides residents rotating there with free meal vouchers each month.

Disability and Life Insurance

State Disability Insurance (SDI) is available for eligible employees in the event of hospitalization, outpatient surgery, or illness lasting over one week. In addition to SDI, residents are covered by a long-term group disability income plan provided by LLUMC. LLMC also provides a $100,000 group term life insurance policy.

Professional Liability Coverage

Loma Linda University Medical Center provides professional and general liability coverage through a self-insured program. This program covers house staff while acting within the course and scope of their employment relationship. All coverage is provided on an occurrence basis (up to $4,000,000 per occurance). No separate “tail coverage” is required.