A chronicle of exploits and shenanigans . . .

Wellness Day: Spa and a Movie

August, 2020

Apart but together, we had another amazing wellness afternoon. We losened up with group yoga, pampered ourselves with some homemade face masks, and watched a movie together all over Zoom.

Wellness Day: Laser Tag!

February, 2020

For on entire epic afternoon, we played laser tag and arcade games. Afterward, we split into classes and went out to eat.


December, 2019

Over the course of several events, we made gingerbread houses and made ornaments for our program Christmas tree. Our program Christmas party was at Old spaghetti Factory and included a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Wellness Day: Games at the Park

November 2019

After an afternoon of relay races in a local park, we posed for this magical group photo.

Wellness Day: Pumpkin Carving!

October, 2019

Creativity, teamwork, and lots of laughter filled an afternoon of program-wide pumpkin carving.

Wellness Day: Scavenger Hunt

September, 2019

To further introduce our new interns to the area, we had a photo scavenger hunt across the surrounding cities and voted on our favorites.

Residency Program Reflection Retreat

March, 2018

Every year (when COVID is not going on) we have a quality improvement retreat at lovely Lake Arrowhead where we reflect and brainstorm ways to further enhance the program we love. Also, face masks, food, and fun.