Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Embracing the distinctness of each voice in the pursuit of community wholeness...

Inclusiveness Is Our Mission

True whole-person care involves the wholeness of our communities. Among us, however, some voices are disproportionately represented and others all but excluded. Whether involving race, ethnicity, religion, age, abilities, gender, or sexual orientation, we cannot truly be whole while inequity is prevalent. We have much to do in addressing this, and we rise together to meet the challenge.

Diversity And The Underrepresented Among Us

The AAMC emphasizes that the underrepresented in medicine are “a continually evolving underlying reality” of “those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population.” Any reasonable assessment of this requires academic centers to stay in touch with their communities and to identify and give voice to their underrepresented amid shifting societal and professional demographics. As we survey our own San Bernardino County, underrepresentation in medicine most keenly affects those of us who identify as Black and Latinx.